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Leading model and talent agency based in Guatemala. More than a business, we are a family.

We are human, perfectly imperfect, different, and unique, we are Nova. We see beyond looks, the momentary, and the superficial. We believe in true human beauty, in the humanity in every one of us, we believe in real and deeper connection.

Today, we represent a new beginning, a rebirth. Made up by the best regional models, Nova seeks to give more color and flavor to the Guatemalan industry of fashion and publicity.

Working in a comprehensive and inclusive way, we will break from the preordained scheme of what beauty is according to a single-minded society. More than an business, we are a family, joined by a common goal and fueled by passion for fashion, companionship and love.

We seek to create an opportunity to make modeling into a unique, real and exciting enterprise. Through Nova, you’ll be able to portray your true values, the value of your brand and the ideals that lead you to create an authentic company.

Let’s shock them! Let’s shock them with a refreshing image, innovative, but above all with a real and genuine one.

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Nova refers to a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter. It is also the Latin noun for “new”. Therefore, it represents a “newly visible star”. Every model (Nova) represents a star to us. Come and shine with us!


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1ra avenida 11-50 Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

1001 Noches, 2ndo nivel - oficina no. 5


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